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   Sauce Kani
Fresh habanero, slowly roasted and cooked to perfection with garlic,salt ,vinegar and spicy chili powder.This  hot sauce will correct all taste in need for your food .
Sour-Sour  Relish
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from authentic and local sources and can be delivered to you within 2-5 business days.

Sour sour leaves softened and cooked with spices,tamarind,salt
lemon,lime, okra.
Homemade may​onnaise whisked to perfection with parsley,carrots,black pepper and garlic powder.Add to your salads or to your sandwiches. 
Magic Roofe
Ginger,turmeric,garlic,onion,pepper,cumin cumin,mustard,coriander,cardamon. This blend will solve all your stuffing issues and enhance the taste of your dishes.
Soule -Soumbala
​Ground locust beans cooked with onions ,oil,crushed red pepper and spices.Add it to your seafood dishes or stews. 
​This mixture of balsamic vinegar,olive  and avocado oil, lemon juice and garlic will leave you licking your fingers.Great for salad dressing and veggies.
Listed above are  some  of the products that we carry.if you want to know more about our brand ,the price and the other product that we offer please contact by phone or email us and we will be glad to answer any question or inquiries that you have.  
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
A  mixture of parsley,cilantro,fresh garlic cloves,onion,salt,crushed pepper .that will complete your fish seasoning specially when grilled .
Get the best quality of our natural Moringa leaves or powder. .
Bread crumbs mixed with peanut,cashew ,almond butter , and nutmeg,this snack is the  one  of the delicacies of the land.
Ginger Lemonade "Aphrodisiac"
A natural and healthy blend of ginger roots, Turmeric.A cleanser,good for fatigue... 
​A blend of baobab fruit,sour-sop, source of calcium , vitamin-C and
A cocktail of fresh mint leaves,lime, moringa oleifera,good for digestion and a memory booster,Alzheimer's disease,reduces inflammation...
Oasis Moringa-Mint & Lime 
Baobab Cocktail
Roofe Persil
Moringa Leaves or Powder
Green Sorrel
Homemade Mayo
Magic Stuffing
Salad dressing
Seafood Stuffing

Ginger Lemonade
Baobab Cocktail
Hibiscus Fusion
An infusion of Hibiscus leave, mint  with a hint of rose water .
Good for high blood pressure, cholesterol ,iron ......
Hibiscus Fusion
Tamarind Blast
Tamarind nectar mixed with pineapple.Anti-oxidant , a bowel cleanser...........
Tamarind Blast
Moringa Leaves/ Powder/Seeds
Niter Kibbeh
Unsalted butter with fresh ginger, cloves, cinnamon sticks, fenugreek ,onions.
Niter Kibbeh