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Cheeb-Djeun:Catch of the day over rice N veggies steamed in pure olive oil.(Senegal)
RIZ GOREE:Seafood Platter W clams,mussels, crab leg,shrimp,Fish,scallop,calamari...(Cabo del Verde)
MBURU FASS:Croissant with Plantain & Vanilla bean
Ice Cream (Senegal)
Oxtail:Stewed W vegetables served over rice N beans (S. Africa)
Lamb Serengeti with a spinach flatbread (Africa united)
Okra stew lamb over Fufu (Gambia)
Ethiopian Vegan platter
Ethiopian Doro-wat
Egusi/Plassas with goat over rice (Nigeria)
Coco-bread Fataya  (South Africa)
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