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We are the leading  African food caterers in the country.We prepare and cook everything from scratch with fresh and authentic ingredients.We manage to do it at low cost and we'll work with pretty much any budget.So we are excited to work with you and for you for the highest food catering experience.

Locavores : Join us and discover our local safari food  across the african land in America .
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Our menu is very diverse with a wide variety of dishes and desserts from different countries and cultures .We will design for you a menu based on you and your event using our expertise , knowledge and proximity to the African continent.
Our helpful staff is available Monday through Saturday to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to meeting you.Please get any question that you have and we'll  accommodate you.
                AFRICA!! The food and the culture of the mother land at your finger tips.
 Chicken Yassa with  Jolof Rice (Senegal)
Harira Soup with berewot (North Africa)
Grilled red snapper,plantains,attieke..  (West Africa)